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Even when things get out of control, you can count on some common reflexes from most drivers. They’ll generally try to avoid hitting other cars or fixed objects, for one, which seems like a pretty obvious survival strategy. In most cases, you can also count on the other drivers out there to slow down before intersections, to allow other drivers to get on and off the road safely at entrance and exit ramps and to generally keep an eye out for the people around them. Where drunk drivers are concerned, all of this goes out the window.

Drunk driving accidents are so dangerous, in part, because these drivers are completely unpredictable. Some drunk drivers are overly-aggressive, the result of the alcohol impairing their judgment and making them far too confident in their driving abilities. Other drunks will be extremely hesitant and overly-cautious, presenting a hazard to the rest of the traffic around them by suddenly stopping and starting, turning at unpredictable times and by driving far too slowly. There are a few things you can look for to see if someone is drunk but, overall, drunk drivers are anything but predictable. In general, the one characteristic they all share when they’re behind the wheel is that they’re deadly; possibly the most deadly of all hazards you’ll find on the road.

Drunk driving is also a criminal offence. Since awareness campaigns have been waged to remind people to be careful about drinking and driving and since the implementation of very tough penalties for drunk driving, the rate has gone down. There are still plenty of people out there who get behind the wheel when they should be getting a ride home from a friend or in a cab. Every year, they kill and injure thousands of people.

If you’re in a wreck with a drunk and you’re not injured enough to be incapacitated, it can be nothing short of enraging once you realize that the person who hit you is drunk. It’s important to remember that it’s not your job to enforce drunken driving laws and that it may be dangerous for you to do so. If they flee, it will only make it worse on them, so never try to obstruct someone from leaving, even if you’ve already been in a crash with them. If you do see an obvious drunk on the road, however, there’s nothing wrong with reporting them.

If a drunk hurts you in an auto accident, contact a car wreck attorney. They deal with these cases all the time and may be able to help you recover financial compensation for your injuries, your pain and your suffering. Even if you’re not injured, you may be able to recover damages for the vehicle that was wrecked. Drunk drivers really have no excuse. There is good reason that this particular type of negligent driving is regarded as criminal and drivers such as these have killed many, many people over the years.

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