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Most often, when a worker is harmed on the job due to a negligent employer’s actions or lack of action, they have the option to sue. But what if it’s not the employer who is believed to be at fault? A case filed in Madison, WI gives an example of how product liability law applies in cases where it may not seem like it really has any place at all.

Mine Safety Appliance Co. manufactures equipment such as respirators for workers. One worker who has come down with black lung is claiming that the respirator he used was leaking toxins and, thus, contributed to his developing this deadly disease. In this instance, a workplace injury is not alleged to have occurred because of a negligent employer. In fact, if the employer enforced regulations about personal protective equipment, they were acting exactly as they should have with regards to valuing their employee’s safety.

In some cases where work-related injuries occur, talking to a injury lawyer may reveal surprising information. For example, if you stepped on a metal shard at your job and pierced your foot, it may not really be the employer’s fault. If you were wearing boots that promised protection against such injuries, however, it may become that product that becomes the focus of a case. If you were injured on the job, be sure to talk to a product liability litigation lawyer before you rush to judgments about who’s responsible. A good defective products lawyer may recognize that there is more to the situation than the obvious.

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