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Whenever you get on a motorcycle, you’re willingly taking on more risk than the driver of a passenger car. This is part of the thrill of riding and it’s one of the reasons that people who do ride tend to have a lot of camaraderie with one another. Despite this increased risk, however, you have the exact same right to the road as does anyone in a four-wheeled vehicle. If you’re in an accident where someone has clearly been negligent in sharing the road with you, seeking out an attorney is oftentimes a good idea, for several reasons.

First and foremost, a motorcycle rider is likely to be much more severely injured in a wreck than the driver of a passenger car. In relative terms, a motorcyclist is every bit as exposed as would be someone riding on the hood of a moving passenger car. What may have been a minor fender-bender accident between two cars may well prove a fatal crash for a motorcyclist. This means that the medical expenses for an injured rider will likely be much higher than they would be for a passenger vehicle driver involved in the same wreck.

Oftentimes, drivers try to bully motorcyclists around on the roads. One common way that they do this, and cause injury to riders, is by forcing riders out of a lane. They’ll do this at intersections, in particular, sometimes driving around a motorcyclist to cut in front of them at a turn. This oftentimes leads to injuries and, if the driver was negligent, they may be vulnerable to being held financially responsible for that negligence. A motorcyclist is not obligated to surrender their right of way at any point simply because they have a smaller, lighter vehicle. Most drivers are very considerate of riders, but not all.

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities are also common in instances where a driver doesn’t see a motorcyclist at all. This is oftentimes cast as some sort of accident but, in reality, it’s usually just negligence. Motorcycles are harder to see than cars and they oftentimes appear to be moving slower than is truly the case, but this does not absolve drivers of their responsibility to accommodate the riders who share the road with them. While it’s oftentimes invoked as one, not seeing a motorcyclist is no excuse for having hit one and it’s usually just a symptom of a driver who doesn’t pay attention.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, talking to an attorney who handles vehicle crashes is a good idea. If you’re on the road on your bike, you have every right to use it just as any other motorist would. Though you do have these same rights, you’re also at a higher risk of being injured or killed by a negligent driver. Just as is the case when you’re on the highways, you do have rights. An attorney may be able to put together a case for you and to take the negligent driver to court.

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