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Injuries from accidents involving 18 wheelers require immediate action to prevent destruction of evidence. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require certain records be maintained such as driver qualifications, training, hours of service and fatigue, inspections of the tractor truck, maintenance of the tractor truck, and accident reporting.

Not all of the records are maintained indefinitely. Many have different time periods by which an 18 wheeler company is required to preserve records. Action needs to be taken early on to insure that material and relevant evidence is secured and maintained.

An 18 wheeler company may have its own policies and procedures for maintaining records which are not governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. To prevent destruction of material relevant evidence in the normal course of business by an 18 wheeler company, action needs to be taken immediately after a wreck. This would apply whether an 18 wheeler company is involved with interstate commerce or intrastate commerce. A lawyer who understands and knows how to demand that the 18 wheeler companies secure all evidence can make a difference.

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