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Immediate Action Necessary: Premises Injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents

Injuries at retail stores and outlets from slip and falls, trip and falls and falling merchandise require immediate action to prevent destruction of evidence. Many retail stores have surveillance video throughout the inside and outside of their buildings. This video that may have captured your incident /accident on tape can and will be destroyed in the normal course of business.  Some retailers use a tape each day of the month. The prior months surveillance video for a given day is taped over when the tape is used the following month.

Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer Immediately
To prevent a store from taping over evidence that is material and relevant to your case, action must be taken. Letters and faxes must be sent to the store, adjusters, and corporate headquarters. It is simply not enough to fill out an accident report after the incident.

In a premises liability case against big box retailers such as Walmart, a plaintiff has to prove that the store had notice of the dangerous condition or was carrying on a negligent activity.  Surveillance video can be the best evidence. A lawyer who understands and knows how to demand that the store secure all evidence can make a difference.

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