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In a products liability case, I represented a client who picked up a 2 gallon glass beverage dispenser that was half full of lemonade.  The glass container separated at the bottom.  When the glass container started separating, my clients little fingers immediately went into the crack due to the pressure from her fingers against the outside wall of the glass container to keep from dropping the container.  My clients fingers were sliced open.  One of her fingers had ligaments sliced into two pieces.  Surgery was necessary.

I hired an expert in “GLASS” from Pennsylvania.  After a full examination, we found that the glass container was defective due to bubbles in the glass wall as well as varying degrees of thickness in the walls.  The product was defective due to a manufacturing defect.

I brought a claim against the manufacturer (a U.S. company) who had hired a foreign company to build the glass container.  Through negotiations with representatives of the manufacturer, I was able to obtain a settlement that made my client whole.

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