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Some of the most frightening product recalls are those that involve toys. The population most at risk, of course, is young people and this makes it particularly dire when one is recalled. Companies sometimes recall the products themselves and sometimes they only recall them after people have been hurt and lawsuits have been filed.

Kid O Products, LLC recalled two different styles of baby rattles on January 12, 2011. These products, which include the Prisma and Duo styles, have been shown to present a choking hazard to infants. Small parts may detach during use and, of course, babies may put them in their mouth and endanger themselves. There weren’t any reported injuries from the devices when they were recalled. The company is offering a full refund to customers who bring them back to where they bought them.

There have been other cases where products haven’t been recalled before people were seriously hurt, or even killed, by the defective toys. While they were intended for older children, lawn darts are a good example. Toys that used water pressure to make a hose whip around for water play are another good example. If you have toys that you believe may be dangerous in your house, you can always check online to see if something has become an issue with them or not. If you’ve been affected by any defective product intended for use by children, you may want to consult with an attorney to see if you can claim damages.

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