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Most of the time, when you hear about someone suing over defective products, it’s a dramatic case with a very large settlement. It’s easy to fault the media for this, but these cases are sometimes very interesting and they oftentimes involve thousands of people who were all affected by one manufacturer’s defective products. Product liability law is a way that the legal system evens out the playing field for consumers and manufacturers. While coffee that’s too hot and accelerators that stick tend to make the news an awful lot, there are very serious and sometimes deadly injures that result from defective products.

Pharmaceuticals are some of the most common products that end up hurting people and, of course, that means lawsuits. Some of the side effects that pharmaceutical products cause could not be foreseen by the patients that use them and, of course, manufacturers have suppressed damaging information about their products in the past. There are a host of drugs that have turned out to be dangerous. Accutane, for instance, was found to cause serious—and oftentimes very painful—damage to the bowels. When patients are harmed by such products, they oftentimes find themselves in a very bad spot.

The fallout that occurs due to faulty products doesn’t always have to be as dramatic as a lifelong ailment to be devastating to its victims. Imagine that you were one of the millions of people over the years who bought cars that turned out to be lemons. This means that you’re out the money for the car, that you have no transportation and that you’re probably going to have significant issues taking care of your basic needs, particularly if you live in an area where driving is a necessity.

Defective products can cause damage to your property, as well. For instance, there has been more than one case where electric devices have turned out to be dangerous to their users. The obvious hazard in these cases is a house fire, and they’ve happened more than once due to such products. Because there are so many people who tend to be affected by these products, the lawsuits are sometimes settled via class actions. These involve taking a lot of similar cases and bundling them into one representative action against the manufacturer. Some cases are filed individually, as well.

If you believe that you were injured by a product that was defective or that was advertised as being safe for uses which turned out to be dangerous, speaking to a lawyer who understands product liability law is the first step in seeking a legal remedy. These cases, of course, won’t always win, but they sometimes do net a jury award or settlement that is enough to pay for the damage caused by the product. When consumers are injured by products, manufacturers are most certainly at risk of being held liable. When the manufacturer was negligent in the manufacture, design or marketing for that product, the law may be able to help you.

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