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We helped a lady who tripped and fell out of a garage elevator.  This was a premises liability case. The elevator stopped below the garage floor causing a tripping hazard.  This is an unreasonably dangerous condition on the premises which we were able to show that the elevator owner and building management company knew or should have known of the dangerous condition.

Through diligent discovery and investigation, we were able to find an email from the elevator maintenance company to the building management company the day before our client fell that showed the elevator was so old and worn out that routine maintenance would not reveal maintenance issues with the elevator.  The elevator maintenance company recommended the garage elevators be modernized.  The building owner refused.

We were able to show that the building owner and it’s management company put profits over the safety of its elevator users.  Its critical to fully investigate a premises liability case as defendants will often hide, delay or try not to produce prior incidents or any other documents that expose their knowledge of the danger on their premises. In this case, we had to file a Motion to Compel and put pressure on the defendants to get the most important documents.

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