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We helped an elderly lady who went in to have a dental implant and ended up having part of her jaw bone ripped out along with a hole opened up to her sinus cavity. This was a dental malpractice case where the dentist negligently recommended our client have her molar taken out to make room for the implant even though x-rays showed the jaw bone was too thin, the molar had roots that went well into the jaw bone and the molar tooth had become fused to the jawbone over time.  We were able to show that the dentist deviated from the standard of care in dentistry and his deviations proximately caused harm to our client.  To make matters worse, the dentist tried to surgically repair the ripped out jaw bone and the hole into the sinuses with an experimental procedure.  We were able to show that the experimental procedure had no chance of success due to lack of blood flow.  The lack of blood flow led to numerous infections before the dentist recommended that the grafting material he placed into a pouch to try and rebuild the jaw bone needed to be cleaned out.

Through diligent discovery and investigation and by hiring the right experts, we were able to show that the defendant put profits over the safety of his patients.  It is critical to fully investigate a dental or medical negligence case and hire the right experts.

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