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Work Safety and Product Liability

Most often, when a worker is harmed on the job due to a negligent employer’s actions or lack of action, they have the option to sue. But what if it’s not the employer who is believed to be at fault? A case filed in Madison, WI gives an example of how product liability law applies […]

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Why Product Liability Law Works

There are plenty of adages about power corrupting. In the practical world, money does equate to power and, of course, corporations have a lot of money to throw around. One place where they’re not at an advantage, however, is product liability law. Product liability law is not designed to tip the scales in anyone’s favor. […]

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Current Product Liability Claims of Interest

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, took a charge to cover the costs of product liability claims in January of 2011. The sheer size of the charge was expected to equal the quarterly profits of the company. The claims concern the drug Avandia, which was prescribed for the treatment of diabetes. […]

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Class Action vs. Individual Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are handled in several different ways, depending upon the circumstances. You have probably heard of class action lawsuits. These are cases where a group of people get together and sue as a class. This is done when they have a claim that is more similar than dissimilar. For instance, if a particular […]

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Baby Toy Recalls

Some of the most frightening product recalls are those that involve toys. The population most at risk, of course, is young people and this makes it particularly dire when one is recalled. Companies sometimes recall the products themselves and sometimes they only recall them after people have been hurt and lawsuits have been filed. Kid […]

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Automobile Accidents Lawsuits

Even though it’s an everyday occurrence, suing over automobile accidents is sometimes a controversial subject. There are people who sometimes find it unfair that someone is sued over an accident when, after all, everyone is human. There are different types of accidents in the world, however, and sometimes the word “accident” itself is not really […]

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Why Drunk Driving Accidents are So Dangerous

Even when things get out of control, you can count on some common reflexes from most drivers. They’ll generally try to avoid hitting other cars or fixed objects, for one, which seems like a pretty obvious survival strategy. In most cases, you can also count on the other drivers out there to slow down before […]

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Premise Liability Claims

Premise liability claims are usually filed when a property owner was negligent and where that negligence led to someone being hurt unnecessarily. The owner of a commercial property has a lot of responsibilities to those who enter. In fact, they carry insurance just for this reason. While they oftentimes say this insurance is to keep […]

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What Causes Truck Accidents?

How a Truck Injury Lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve Truck accidents are a bit more complex, in many regards, than are passenger car accidents. To start with, semis are much more complex vehicles and they have several systems that most passenger cars do not: hydraulics, for example. Semis also use air brakes, […]

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Understanding Admiralty Law

Admiralty law is the body of law that governs ships, cargo, ports, wharves and commerce as it applies to navigable waters. Admiralty law is not the same as the law that applies on the open sea, which is referred to as the Law of the Sea. Admiralty law is an extension of the government’s jurisdiction […]

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