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For parents with children in daycare, a nightmare scenario seems to be unfolding in Ohio. According to NewsOK, a daycare worker has been arrested on two counts of rape. The woman, according to the article, had engaged in sexual conduct with an infant and made a video of herself doing it. Police claim that they found the video on her laptop.

For parents, these situations involve two aspects legally speaking. The first will obviously be the criminal charges involved in a cases such as this. The second will be the option to file a lawsuit against the daycare provider, which is something that parents in such situations may want to consider.

What Good Does Suing Do?

These claims are generally brought by the parents on behalf of their child. The idea is not to punish the perpetrator, but to get compensation for the child for what they have been put through. Obviously, this money is usually disbursed upon the child reaching adulthood.

The parents may sue on their own behalf, as well. This is usually done so that they can recover what they paid to the daycare center, given that the services were obviously negligent, and so that they can pay for any expenses that may have arisen because of whatever incident led to the lawsuit. Not all of these incidents are as serious as the one described above, but they are all serious enough for the parents involved.

Finding a Lawyer

Lawyers oftentimes take these cases on contingency. This means that the parents don’t pay the lawyer unless they win their claim, which empowers the parents to get good legal representation. The lawyer, if the case wins, will usually be paid a percentage of whatever jury award the parents receive.

Finding an attorney and suing such daycare facilities can help families to financially recover from what their child has been put through. In cases where a child has been abused or neglected, the money can be used to cover medical and other expenses that were the direct results of the negligence on the part of the daycare center.

There is no parent who wants to face such as situation, but there are legal options in the event that a daycare endangers a child through negligence. Finding a good lawyer is the first step in helping families to recover from that negligence in terms of the financial aspects involved.

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