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If you have a particular type of Naturalizer women’s shoe, you may need to bring it back as part of a recall. At the end of 2011, a recall was announced due to a faulty heel on the shoes in question. That faulty heel design created a risk of falls and injuries and the company that produced them, Brown Shoe Company, has issued a recall.

Defective Products

One of the ways that a product can be defective is in its design. Another is in its manufacture. In the case of the Naturalizer shoes, the design or the manufacture may have been to blame but, either way, the shoes do present a very real hazard of tripping and falling. Sometimes, a slip and fall accident can be very dangerous, causing significant injuries and ending up putting the victim out of work or causing them very significant medical expenses.

The Defective Shoes in Question

The shoes in question will have one of the following numbers printed on the inside of the shoe:

  • A3279S2001
  • A3279S1600
  • A3273S1250
  • A3279S1020

The shoes were available in nude, scarlet, grey and black. These shoes were decorated with a leather bow that spans the front of the show and have a three-inch heel. The shoes will also have the word “Naturalizer” on them. This will appear either inside the shoe or on the bottom of the shoe. If you have one of these shoes, do not wear them. You should take them back to the place where you purchased them, where you will be given a refund.

Understanding Personal Injury and Product Liability Law

Personal injury law and product liability law quite often intersect. Personal injury law allows people to seek compensation for injuries-both financial and physical-that they suffer due to the negligence of a company or another person. Product liability law requires that companies put out products that are:

  • Designed safely
  • Manufactured safely
  • Advertised accurately

Any product that does not meet those criteria may be deemed defective. If it is defective and someone is hurt because of those defects, there is sometimes good cause to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. You should inquire with a personal injury attorney if you feel that a defective product has caused you injury, whether that injury was financial or you actually suffered an injury to your body that resulted in pain and suffering, lost wages or other hardships.

Remember that manufacturers are responsible for their products but that, quite often, it’s easiest to get your refund by just brining the product back to where you bought it. They will generally take it back, issue you a check or cash and send you on your way. Any time that you find out that a product was found to be defective, stop using it immediately. You may have noticed nothing wrong with the product in your own experience, but these problems sometimes do take time to manifest, particularly if there are defects in design or manufacture that only become known after the product has been used for a while.

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