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Government agencies and manufacturers are supposed to work together to make sure that dangerous products are taken off of the market. This relationship sometimes works very well and sometimes does not, but there are usually at least some product recalls over the course of any given month. Here are some that have been announced recently.

Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) Child Safety Seats

The Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) is recalling a line of safety seats that were found to have a problem with their center front adjuster. This is referred to as the “CFA” in industry jargon. The restraint has a flaw that allows it to become loose, resulting in a situation where the child is not adequately protected in the event of a wreck.

The devices can be fixed and DJG will provide the materials required and the instructions. It is only a matter of lubrication to fix this issue. The recall affects 794,247 safety seats, according to a press release on the National Highway Traffic Association site.

Advance Extra Grip Tires by GTC

Advance Extra Grip Tires by GTC North America, Inc. have been recalled as of March 19, 2012. This will affect approximately 12,289 units. The tires are being recalled because they have a flaw that results in them blistering, bubbling and, in some cases, this may result in the radial belt being exposed and cause a blowout. Because of the danger to consumers, the tires are to be replaced. The tires will be replaced free of charge, including mounting and balancing. If you have these tires, you can contact GTC at 1-330-498-5000 for more information. This is according to a press release that you can find on the NHTSA site, here.

Troyer Cheese – Backroad County Caramel Puffcorn

The FDA announces that Troyer Cheese, Inc. is recalling its Backroad County Caramel Puffcorn in the 8 and 16oz sizes. This recall is due to the presence of milk that wasn’t declared on the packaging. Dairy products can cause severe, possibly deadly, allergic reactions in some people, leading to this recall. These products were sold in Texas and were distributed between January 6, 2012 and March 12, 2012. Distribution was handled through both stores and mail order outlets.

The affected products include:

Backroad Country Caramel Puffcorn, 8 oz. bag, UPC 0 49646 90176 0, Sell By Date/Lot Code:

  • 03/07/12 C1P16
  • 03/21/12 B2Y16
  • 05/16/12 B1X16
  • 05/30/12 B1X16
  • 06/13/12 A3K16

Backroad Country Caramel Puffcorn, 16 oz. bag, UPC 0 49646 90157 6, Sell By Date/Lot Code:

  • 03/07/12 C1P16
  • 03/21/12 B2Y16
    05/16/12 B1X16
  • 05/30/12 B1X16
  • 06/13/12 A2R16 or A3K16

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If you’ve been injured financially or physically because of a recalled product, be sure to contact a product liability lawyer. They may be able to help you to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer that could win you compensation for your pain and suffering, your medical expenses, lost wages and a host of other financial hardships that can occur because of defective products.

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