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If you’re involved in a very bad car wreck, there are likely some things that you have in common with other people who have been in wrecks. First, there’s a good chance that you remember sensations, being afraid, noise and the other chaos associated with car wrecks, but your recollection of specific details is probably not that clear. Second, you probably remember the terror more than anything else. So, what can a personal injury attorney do for you if you end up in a car wreck and aren’t even sure what happened beyond believing that it wasn’t your fault? The answer is: a lot.

Reconstructions and Experts Assist a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers deal with people who have been traumatized by accidents all the time. Just as your emotional and mnemonic conditions following the accident likely took predictable forms, your car probably behaved in a predictable way during the accident, as well. After all, our brains may react with utter chaos when we see someone careening at us in the other lane or flying toward us at an intersection, but our vehicles are bound by the laws of physics.

Car Accident attorneys can reconstruct accidents. Using the accumulated knowledge of how cars behave in accidents, what you know, the condition of the cars and the site of the wreck after the fact and other data, along with the help of experts, they can reconstruct what happened and find out whether or not negligence was an issue. For drivers, this can mean a lot of things, aside from a chance to win compensation. It can mean:

  • Knowing for sure that it wasn’t your fault
  • Knowing that there was nothing you could have done to have prevented it
  • Having the confidence that the other driver was negligent

How Does this Help My Injury Case?

Personal Injury Attorneys can help you to fill in the blanks where your memory isn’t clear. More importantly, however, they can present empirical evidence to a jury that demonstrates the circumstances of your wreck and how it was an unavoidable consequence of the other driver’s negligent behavior. When this is established, the jury awards can be very large. One motorcyclist in California won over $800,000 after his attorney explained to the jury how the accident was not at all his fault and how the other driver was negligent.

Trust Your Personal Injury Attorney

There are some situations where you have to have someone with expertise help you through reconstructing what happened to you. Your attorney will do everything they can to determine what happened during your wreck and whether or not it was your fault. They don’t do this to just win money; they do it to get at the facts of what happened. If the facts are that negligence on the part of the other driver caused you injury-financial, physical, emotional or otherwise – they may be able to argue for you in court and win you compensation that could pay for your injuries, your medical expenses and your lost wages. Trust your attorney and you may be surprised what they can find out!

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