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There are certainly car wrecks in which people realize that nobody is really to blame and that both drivers did everything they could to prevent the crash from happening. These would be the classic car accident type of wrecks in which it was truly accidental; nobody could’ve seen it coming and nobody could have done anything to stop it. Then, there are the types of car crashes where somebody else is clearly responsible because of their reckless driving. If any of the following applies to you, you may wish to speak with an attorney about filing a lawsuit for negligence.

Accidents with Racers

There are individuals who get a thrill out of racing their cars down city streets. Houston has a lot of very wide streets that are, unfortunately, perfect for people who want to see how fast their vehicles can go. This type of driving is negligent in every single instance. If somebody injured you because they were racing down the road, be sure you talk to an attorney about the matter. You shouldn’t be footing the bill for the damage and medical costs that they saddled you with on your own.

Pedestrian Accidents

Whenever you are a pedestrian, you do have the right-of-way. Vehicles are required to yield to you in the vast majority of instances. It’s still up to you to be responsible and safe, of course, and if you run out in the middle of a street with high-speed traffic, you can’t really expect to be able to sue somebody for hitting you. If somebody strikes you with a vehicle, however, and it’s clearly a case where the person did not respect your right of way, talking to an attorney is something you should definitely consider. The attorney can at least let you know if it seems likely that a lawsuit would be a good idea.

Parking Lot Accidents

Many accidents happen in parking lots. Unfortunately, people tend to have a hard time judging how fast they’re going. This doesn’t let them off the hook; it is up to the vehicle’s driver to maintain a safe speed, no matter where they are. In parking lots, people tend to rush, to drive far too fast and sometimes cause horrible accidents. If somebody has destroyed your property or, worse yet, caused you a personal injury because of slamming into you in a parking lot set up a meeting with an attorney to explore your options.

Accidents involving Drunk Drivers

If a drunk driver strikes you, you should speak to a personal injury attorney. There is absolutely no reason why you should not speak to a personal injury attorney in these cases. The law will indeed make sure that they pay a fine, perhaps sit for a while in jail and suffer other consequences. None of that does you any good financially. Don’t pay for the expenses that the drunk driver cost you on your own: call an attorney.

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