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The first thing to remember about considering a malpractice claim is that it’s not a decision you should make completely on your own. What you really need to decide is whether there was an actual breach of duty that a physician or other healthcare provider – or healthcare facility – committed against you. A Medical Negligence Lawyer can help you evaluate your personal situation and advise you whether or not you can a valid case.

Injury Due to Failing to Diagnose a Condition

Sometimes, the worst thing that a physician can do is fail to diagnose a condition that they should’ve noticed. The reason for this is that some conditions can become markedly worse in a short amount of time if they’re not treated quickly. Consider for instance, the potential consequence of untreated diabetes, untreated cancer or other conditions that may become downright deadly if the physician doesn’t notice them in time.

If a physician had every opportunity to diagnose a condition that ended up bringing you to harm and they failed in that regard, you’ll want to speak with an attorney about the matter. Almost half of the malpractice cases brought against physicians every year have to do with a physician failing to diagnose a condition.

Injury Due to Wrong Treatments

Being giving incorrect treatments is one of the most common reasons that people decide to file lawsuits for medical malpractice. When people are treated incorrectly, the consequences can be nearly as bad as whatever condition was being treated itself.

A doctor is expected to be able to deliver competent care for any conditions that you suffer with, within realistic limits. For example, some conditions are always fatal and many conditions go in that direction, despite the best efforts of physicians and other healthcare professionals. If you are injured, however, because a physician ordered what turned out to be the wrong treatment for your condition, you may want to consider contacting an attorney about the matter. They may be able to prepare a successful lawsuit for you.

Injury Due to Unsafe Supplies

Medical supplies, obviously, have to be manufactured to the highest standards of safety and sterility. In some cases, medical supplies end up becoming contaminated. When this happens, it may be the fault of the supplier, the healthcare facility or the physician themselves. If contaminated supplies have caused your suffering you should contact an attorney about the matter. There have been successful lawsuits filed over instances where medical supplies were not stored, prepared or used properly and where infections and other negative consequences resulted.

It’s always best to speak with an attorney right away. Texas has very strict limitations on how long you have to file a lawsuit. If you wait too long, you may end up missing your chance to file a lawsuit at all. You can contact an attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit without any obligations. They should be able to tell you whether your case seems like it would be worth pursuing.

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