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A Woman in Beckley, WV is suing Bath & Body Works for injuries sustained while using one of their products, according to a recent report in the The report says that the woman suffered both property and physical damage from the product, leading her to file a claim.

The Product

According to the report, the woman was using fragrance oil warmer in July of 2010 when it burst into flames. TI was on a wooden table and the woman, acting to put out the fire was burned when hot oil got onto her skin. The claim details a great deal in terms of how defective product lawsuits work.

According to Instructions

The woman who filed the lawsuit was using the product according to directions at the time, which is vital to filing a successful claim for product liability. Generally speaking, if you’re not using a product in an approved manner and you get injured, the manufacturer is not responsible for those injuries. In such cases, it’s far more likely that the jury will determine that your improper use of the product resulted in your injuries or property damage. In order to file one of these lawsuits, you have to have been injured by a product that was defective in some regard, not by a product that injured you because you used it contrary to its recommended usages.

Medical and Property Damage

The woman filing the lawsuit is claiming medical and property damage. She is also suing for pain and suffering, which is a common addition to these lawsuits. It’s not frivolous. Many of the people injured by defective products go through intense pain and suffering. Some of them end up losing their jobs because of their injuries or, at least, losing income while they convalesce.

Texas Law

Texas law is different than West Virginia law, of course, and that means that having a defective products attorney who is responsible for Texas’s laws represent you is vital toward maximizing your chances of winning your claim. There are limitations on how long you have to file these claims, so it’s a good idea to contact and attorney to determine how much time you have remaining. This will let you know whether you need to act right away or whether you have some time to consider whether you want to file a lawsuit.

If you’re not sure whether or not any defective product related injuries you suffered were really the fault of the manufacturer, contact and attorney to get their input. There are complex laws that surround product liability and you need expert advice if you want to make sure that you pursue compensation if you have a chance of winning it. Ask about a free consultation with a defective products attorney. They usually handle these claims on a contingency basis, so they need to meet with you to determine whether or not they’re a good match for your claim. If they are, they may be able to win you substantial jury awards or settlements.

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