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When people are considering hiring a personal injury attorney, it’s usually because of a car accident, assaultworkplace injury, slip and fall or some other type of a mishap that was due to the negligence of another individual. There are instances, however, where personal injury attorneys are called in to deal with situations where somebody was injured deliberately. As is the case with most civil actions, remember that it makes no difference whether the person you plan on suing is facing criminal charges over some instance of assault or not.

How You Do It

Suing someone over a physical assault is essentially the same as suing them over any other type of personal injury. What you’ll want to do is to recover damages that will make you whole again, after all that person may have cost you money, quality of life and so forth. An attorney is highly advisable in these situations. This is particularly the case because, given the fact that the person already assaulted you once, you’re going to want to have some sort of a buffer between you and them as far as going after them legally is concerned.

Your attorney will help you quantify the amount of damages that you suffered due to the assault in terms of dollars. This allows you to get a figure that you can sue for. Most of the time, the attorney will include the obvious elements – medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so forth – but they may also include things that you might have forgotten to include yourself. This is one of the advantages in using an injury attorney.

Another advantage of using an attorney in these cases is the fact that they may be able to negotiate a settlement with the person outside of court, so you don’t have to pay court fees. This is a great way to handle a lot of these types claims. Particularly if the individual you are suing happens to have substantial financial means, he or she may very well want to settle the matter outside of court.

If somebody physically assaulted you, you may want to consider suing them. If you had expenses including dental work, hospital bills, pain and suffering, an inability to go to work and so forth, there is really no reason that you should have to pay for all of that yourself when it happened due to something that was not your fault.

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