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Sometimes, somebody that you might have a good reason to sue may be aware of the fact that you could sue them when you’re not aware of that fact. This is particularly the case if you’re involved in an accident with somebody who knows a lot more about the law than you do or who, themselves, may have been involved in a personal injury claim at some time. Sometimes, these people rely on tried-and-true tactics to try to avoid having you contact an attorney.

I’ll Let it Go

Sometimes, the most childish argument strategies in the world are actually very effective on adults. One common tactic that people will sometimes use when they believe that they are in danger of being sued is threatening to sue you. They may call you after an accident and let you know that they’re willing to let it go if you just go ahead and pay for the damage to the front end of their car, which was caused after they slammed into you at an intersection, for example.

Believe it or not, this works sometimes. Most people are afraid of being rude and, if they’re not sure whether or not they caused an accident, they very well may fall for something like this and feel grateful that the other person – who probably was liable for the accident – didn’t end up taking them to court.

Have a Check

If people have the financial means, they’ll sometimes try to pony up with a settlement as soon as they can get their lawyer on the phone. The problem with taking one of these settlements is that it is seldom apparent how much financial damage was actually done by a negligent party immediately following an accident. It may take a couple of months before the extent of your injuries are actually known and you may not know a week after the accident that two weeks following that, a problem with your neck would end up putting you out of work for several months.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have cause to sue, contact an attorney. A personal injury attorney will be willing to sit down with you for free. Ask them if you do have a good claim. If you don’t, they will let you know up front.

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