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For any legal advice, be sure to contact an attorney. Legal issues can be very complicated, which is why the Law Offices of Blaine A Tucker offers FREE consultation and FREE Case Review. In most cases, there is NO FEE, unless you WIN


You should contact a personal injury law firm as quickly after the incident as possible. Try to document the incident with police and medical records and avoid signing any statement or papers from anyone else.

Your case may still be handled even though the incident occurred long ago, however.

Do not settle – or deal with – someone else’s lawyers without your own legal counsel. Many cases have a “statute of limitations” meaning that you only have a certain amount of time during which you can file a claim, though there are several legal cases where this may not matter.

If you would like to learn more about personal injuries and how a capable personal injury lawyer can help you with your situation, contact Houston personal injury lawyer Blaine A Tucker today at 713-771-5453 to discuss your options with him.

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