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Corrective surgeries such as LASIK are becoming extremely popular. It’s no wonder that this is the case. People with very compromised vision, through these surgeries, are sometimes restored to 20/20 vision. The idea that you could go from being dependent upon eyeglasses or contact lenses to seeing with the same level of clarity you did when you were a child is certainly appealing. Unfortunately, these surgeries can go horribly wrong and, when they do, the consequences can be dire.


One of the common side effects of botched LASIK surgery is the appearance of halos around any source of light in the patient’s vision. Unfortunately, this is sometimes damage that cannot be corrected with other surgeries. This type of medical negligence injury can make it extremely difficult for people to drive at night or, if they happen to be dependent upon their eyes for their work – such as if they are a graphic designer – it may make it virtually impossible for them to continue on in the field for which they are trained.

Destroyed Vision

There are instances where people have had their vision destroyed by LASIK. Some of the damage includes permanent double vision, nearsightedness or farsightedness that can no longer be corrected with glasses, and astigmatism.

People have ended up with these types of injuries for many different reasons. There had even been instances when doctors have left debris underneath the lens of the eye or when they have improperly reattached the lens, leaving folds in it that obstruct vision. Obviously, these situations can lead to blindness.

Medical Negligence

Any physician, including the physicians that perform LASIK surgery, is responsible for providing their patients with competent care. When they fail in this regard, they can be sued for medical malpractice. A LASIK provider that failed to deliver on giving you competent care may be liable for being sued because of this. It’s important to speak with an attorney, however, because medical malpractice claims are complex and the attorney needs to understand whether or not what actually happened points to negligence. The consultation is generally free when you’re speaking with a lawyer who handles medical malpractice, so don’t be afraid to phone a Houston lawyer and ask them if they would be willing to represent you or, at least, if they would be willing to sit down for a free consultation.

Discount Surgeries and Negligence

LASIK has become so common and so accepted that surgeons compete on price. When you consider this, it’s a lot different than how most surgeries work. Physicians generally do not compete for price on necessary procedures, such as removing your appendix or removing a tumor. When profits become more important than people, people sometimes end up being permanently injured because of physician negligence. If you had LASIK surgery performed and you ended up suffering permanent eye injury as a result of it, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. Losing one’s vision permanently, or having it compromised in some way, is a nightmare. With effective representation, you may at least be able to receive compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

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