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If you contract the services of a personal injury attorney, you may find that their services are a lot more advanced than they were even a few years ago. Computer simulations have become popular tools among good personal injury attorneys. These are typically used to re-create the circumstances of automobile accidents, where they can be invaluable in determining what actually happened. The way that automobile accidents tend to unfold makes these computer simulations particularly useful.

Using Computer Simulations In Accident Injury Lawsuits: Eyewitnesses Have Bad Memories

When people are involved in a car accident, the trauma oftentimes makes it difficult for them to remember exactly what happened and when. Of course, remembering what happened and the timing of those events is essential to winning a personal injury claim.

Computer simulations utilize information gathered at the scene to re-create what happened at the accident. While human memory may be a very fallible thing, the laws of physics are not. For example, it is possible to determine to a very accurate degree what a driver did before an accident occurred based on the skid marks that their vehicle left behind on the roadway.

Taking this type of information and converting it to a computer simulation can be a powerful tool for an attorney. When a jury is shown what the evidence indicates, it’s oftentimes quite persuasive and can help the attorney’s client win the claim.


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Better than Eyewitnesses

People have the tendency to overestimate the value of eyewitnesses in court cases. When it comes down to it, eyewitnesses are notoriously inaccurate with what they remember. There have been many cases, for instance, of a person who looked nothing like a criminal who perpetrated a crime being identified as the perpetrator by eyewitnesses.

Computer simulations rely on scientific information. This is much more persuasive to juries. This type of information is based on what is known about how the world works and doesn’t require that an eyewitness’s memory – whether it is a person involved in the accident or a person who saw it happen – be relied upon. Computer simulations provide information based on facts, not on recollections.

Personal injury attorneys that have this technology available to them fare very well in arguing their claims. It is very easy to argue with an eyewitness or somebody involved in the accident. It is not easy to argue with scientific evidence. This is why these simulations have become so popular among attorneys and so useful in helping the clients that those attorneys represent.