Negligent Drivers and Car Maintenance

Sometimes, a driver’s negligence comes down to them not taking care of their vehicle properly. For example, in California, a driver can have points deducted from their license if they have certain mechanical violations that make their vehicle unsafe to drive, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Other states have similar laws. In […]

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How Attorneys Are Using Computer Simulations

If you contract the services of a personal injury attorney, you may find that their services are a lot more advanced than they were even a few years ago. Computer simulations have become popular tools among good personal injury attorneys. These are typically used to re-create the circumstances of automobile accidents, where they can be […]

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What Makes Truck Accident Cases so Tough?

There are plenty of personal injury attorneys out there but not all of them can handle cases involving big rig wrecks well. These are some of the toughest cases to handle. When you consider the situation, it’s not hard to understand why this is the case.

Many Trucking Companies Have Deep Pockets

Going up against a trucking company is not easy. They have plenty of money and they can certainly pay for their legal defense. In fact, they usually have people available to them who can make sure that people injured by their drivers feel intimidated out of suing. They don’t do this by threatening anyone; they’re just very good at making victims feel like it’s all the victim’s fault and that there’s no point in even suing.

The first thing you need out of an attorney is the ability to see through this smokescreen!

Don’t Accept Just Any Settlement

Some of the trucking companies will offer you a settlement and make it sound like they’re doing you a favor. This is almost never the case. When they offer you a settlement, it’s simply because they don’t want you to take them to court. They offer these settlements, in most cases, because they don’t want to end up paying far more to satisfy a jury award.

Realize that these companies have enough money to make it seem like they’re being very generous. When you’re injured, out of work, desperate for money and don’t know what to do, it can be tempting to take whatever the trucking company is offering you as a settlement. Don’t settle for that. Talk to an attorney. Your truck accident attorney represents you interests. He’ll be able to tell you whether or not it’s worth it to take the settlement.

Trucking Companies Have Tough lawyers

Trucking companies can certainly afford to hire good attorneys and any attorney arguing against a trucking company is not going to be going up against amateurs. An experienced attorney on your side, however, is not intimidated by this. If you were injured and the reason for those injuries was the negligence of the trucking company, your attorney can make sure that you’re represented effectively.

What Does Negligence Mean?

With lawsuits against a trucking company, negligence can occur in many different scenarios. The mechanics that work for the company may not have maintained the equipment correctly and that negligence may have caused your injury. The driver may have been overworked and that may have been the origin of the negligence. There are many different ways in which a trucking company may have been negligent but an experienced big rig accident lawyer will find out and will go after them if they were negligent.

Do not take a settlement check without talking to an attorney. If a trucking company was negligent and caused you to come to harm, there is no reason that they should be able to get away with it without being held accountable. A good Houston truck accident attorney can sit down with you and discuss your situation, see if you might have a good case on your hands and may take you on as a client if you do.

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How Lawuits Can Get Ruined

If you’re involved in an accident with a commercial trucking or similar company, there are ways that they can make it very difficult for you to win your claim. You need to be aware of this right away. It will be in the company’s interest to make certain that they take every measure possible to lessen your chance of winning a lawsuit against them for negligence. The best way to stop this is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away. If you move quickly, you can sometimes stop the trucking company from taking actions that could make it harder for you to win in court.

Supporting Evidence

Remember that, when you go up against the trucking company in a courtroom, you need to have evidence to support your claim. This is why you need to go with an attorney who has experience dealing with vehicle accidents and, specifically, trucking accidents. The trucking company will have legal representation who can reconstruct the accident in a way that makes it seem like it was entirely your fault or, at least, like the driver employed by the trucking company was not specifically at fault or negligent.

If you have a good attorney, they can do the same for you. They can reconstruct the accident and demonstrate to the jury using scientific evidence how the trucking company or the driver under the employ of the trucking company was negligent and how that led to your accident. The most important thing you’ll need, however, is all of the data from the crash. The trucking company may end up destroying valuable documentation that could bolster your case. They don’t do this illegally; they are allowed to destroy records on a regular basis just as is any other business. The problem is that some of those records that they are allowed to destroy may be important to your claim. Your attorney can stop them from doing this.

Multiple Car Wrecks

There are scenarios where it may not be readily apparent whose negligence led to your car wreck. For example, some people drive incredibly negligently around semis. They may, for example, tailgate you to such an egregious degree that they force you to merge into a freeway lane when you should have yielded, causing a wreck with a semi. In these cases, you need an attorney to help you determine who was negligent. Remember that, in these cases, it may be very easy for the trucking company to find a way to pin it on the other driver, ruining your case against them.

Remember that you’re up against a corporation when you take on a trucking company. What that means is that the entity that you are suing and the people who represent it aren’t spending their own money to defend themselves against the claim; they may have their insurance company’s backing as well. They can throw a great deal of money at their defense, which means that you need an attorney who can see through these types of tactics. Talk to a good Houston vehicle injury lawyer and they should be able to let you know whether or not you have a chance of winning a lawsuit and what you need to do to make certain that the trucking company doesn’t lessen your chances of winning.

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